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A feedstock for steam cracking to produce petrochemicals Naphtha is an intermediate hydrocarbon liquid stream derived from the refining of crude oil. It is most usually desulfurized and then catalytically reformed, which re-arranges or re-structures the hydrocarbon molecules in the naphtha as well as breaking some of the molecules into smaller molecules to produce a high-octane component of gasoline. It is also used in the petrochemicals industry as feedstock to steam reformers and steam crackers for the production of hydrogen ethylene and other ...

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A clean vision Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is obtained by cooling natural gas to -160° C. The liquefaction process reduces the product’s volume approximately 600 times, making it much easier to store and move by ship to coastal deposits and by truck to smaller plants and secondary stocking sites. Here, with the use of vaporizers, it is brought back to its original state and can then be used as both a fuel or to generate heat for industrial or residential purposes. Alternatively, LNG is maintained in its liquid state and used as direct fuel for heavy transportation or ...

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